New to Balance Yoga Studio?

You can take advantage of our new client specials

  • 14 Days of Unlimited Yoga for £20 – Valid for 14 days from purchase date

This is the BEST way to experience our various yoga classes, styles and teachers. We will get on your way to meeting your self-care and wellness intentions!

*Offer valid for NEW STUDENTS ONLY and expiry dates cannot be extended.

Yin Yoga 

slow, meditative, deep stretch, calming

A mindful and meditative style of yoga with postures held for longer periods of time than a typical Yang style class. This class is perfect for those who want to calm the mind and stretch the body.


Gentle Yoga

nurturing, strengthening, stretching

Gentle Yoga is suitable for anyone wanting to practice gentle postures at a slower pace. It’s perfect for beginners, people with restricted movement, older people or those getting back into the practice after a lapse.

Hatha Yoga

strengthening, stretching, balancing

Perfect for those who want a well-rounded yoga practice, combining postures and breath work to bring balance to mind, body and spirit.  

Yoga Flow 

active, warming, sweaty

Yoga Flow is a popular flowing sequence of poses (vinyasa). Perfect for those who would like to challenge themselves, sweat and flow in class. 

Hot Yoga

hot, flowing, sweaty

Hot Yoga (30 – 35 ºc) encourages sweating, improves flexibility, overall fitness, burn calories, relieve stress and increase circulation.

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